Author Topic: Hey I got the OD&D 1974 Deluxe Set!  (Read 1751 times)


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Hey I got the OD&D 1974 Deluxe Set!
« on: December 16, 2013, 09:54:04 pm »
Yeah, I got the Deluxe Set as an early Xmas present and it looks sweet! Includes 7 books (the first three plus supplements for greyhawk, blackmoor, eldritch wizardry and man, myths and magic).

I noticed a few things on skimming:

Don't kill a sage, ever. They have a death curse that can vary between "teeth rot and fall out" to "you fail all future saving throws, forever".

Don't kill a cat, ever. There is a 40% chance Egyptian goddess Bast will notice and either kill you outright or force you to raise the cat from the dead and then serve her for half of the rest of your life.

Rangers and Illusionists are mentioned once but never statted out. I assume at that point in time people were using articles from The Strategic Review and/or Dragon magazine to fill in holes like that.

Assassins have a much easier time of it with alignment languages, since, well, there are only three of them. On the other hand, getting a high intelligence would be hard. 3d6 in order, folks!

If you speak the "wrong" alignment language to someone, they will likely attack you. The world is engaged in some sort of metaphysical three-way war, I guess.

Invisibility is awesome. It lasts permanently on objects (since they don't attack, and the spell otherwise has no time limit).

Sleep is awesome.

Man, Gary really *did* hate halflings.   

I am tempted to try out a wizard or sorcerer in 3rd ed that uses only the "original" spells. Of course by 3rd ed many of these spells had changed.

Assassin's were Neutral, not Chaotic. Monks could be any alignment (and could use any weapon and get a monk damage bonus with them).

There are many references to Chainmail, so I have ordered that (thanks, ebay!).

Level titles are awesome! Technically, "Warlocks" appear in OD&D! 

Dave Arneson's attack via segments of rounds system reminds me a bit of the Exalted "tick" system that came decades later.

There are intense underwater rules and aerial combat rules, if you wanted to get into that.

If you were not badass, it was probably best to avoid various "civillized" castles/forts on your journey. A lot of them demanded a tribute/tax/tithe etc., just for passing through! I begin to sympathize with the monsters.

The game talks about running a campaign with up to 50 players, with a 1 to 20 ratio being normal. If I ran a game for 20 players my brain would explode. DMs were tougher, back then.

In addition to Holy Swords, the Swords and Sharpness and Vorpal Swords were also Paladin friendly (giving that anti-magic aura). Mind you, rolling a paladin would be very difficult indeed, as would be getting any of these swords.

Oh, and the traps could do amazing and terrible things to you. Like, pull the wrong lever and you change your class (or alignment)! If I told my players in a 3rd ed game that they just changed all their class levels, they might well mutiny. On the other hand, 3rd has more knobs to twiddle and that might lead to more class investment.

Well that is all for now! Maybe I will stream of consciousness more stuff later. It is all quite cool!
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