Author Topic: Interest check for upcoming events and FRIDGE HAS CHOCOLATE NOW  (Read 2328 times)


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Hey everyone!

Hope you guys are doing well and aren't being too bogged down by midterms. We're planning a few events for the upcoming month or two, but we'd like to do an interest check first. Here are some of the events we are planning:

- Magic drafts! Basically, we get some packs, draft them, play some games. Prizes based on number of attendees. Cost will be around $12 per person.

- Laser tag! We will be having a group excursion to Planet Lazer in Richmond for laser tag. Cost depends on the number of people attending. More people equals better group rate!

- Miniatures painting workshop! For those of you interested in painting your own miniatures, whether it be for wargaming, tabletop roleplaying or just your own collection, we'll be hosting a workshop on how to make them look completely awesome! This will probably be held at either Imperial Hobbies in Richmond or Connection on Renfrew. Details to come in another announcement if there is enough interest.

Be sure to tell us if you would be interested in attending any of these by filling out our handy-dandy poll below. Without a display of interest, we probably won't host them (especially the drafts/miniature painting workshop). Feel free to add suggestions for other events you think we should host as well.

We've also got a joint Halloween party with the Science Fiction Society on November 1st (yes, this is the day AFTER Halloween). There will be food, games, costumes, and more! Details to be announced, but be sure to keep yourself notified.

Last but not least, our fridge now stocks chocolate bars to satisfy your mid-game sugar needs! We've got Mars, Skor, Kit Kat, Mint Aero, and Coffee Crisp. They are $1.25 for members and $1.50 for non-members.

Happy gaming!