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The Chronicles of Stratysphere
« on: December 04, 2012, 04:05:59 pm »
Part 1. The beginning-Kamina the Barbarian
So basically I want to create a thread chronicling my experiences as a player character here for the lols.

Thursday, november 29, 2012.
A new challenger appears! A mysterious noob in a brown leather jacket enters the room. He looks timid but interested in what is going on.
(That's me FYI)
I come to the table, sit down, and ask "Can I join?"
Awesome. What do I do?
Make a character.
And thus begins the long process of what will be creating my first, and hopefully most beloved tabletop rpg character ever. With the help of some execs, some dudes, and the man with the amazing mutton chops my character comes to life.
His name is Kamina. He's a barbarian.
Chaotic good barbarian with a +1 Greatsword of Manly Rage, intimidation skills bolstered by his manly muscles, and a strength rating of 18 the highest of the group. Kamina is a good kind soul looking for adventure and the chance to inspire the public with his tales of glory in battle and adventure. He travels with his friend, the Warrior of the group because it suits his needs. Even though Kamina is new to the group he finds the warrior a worthy battle brother. The paladin though is a little headstrong about the whole holiness thing, but Kamina is also like that some (most) of the time. He'll go charging into the room alone to save his friends and won't ever back down. In battle Kamina becomes a nightmare for his enemies. When roused into his fury, his gaze strikes foes with fear while he brandishes his greatsword on his enemies. A primal howl scatters his foes into a panic. And when Kamina's greatsword cleaves its foe in twain, the sight of the furious hulk of a man drenched in red blood with the large sword covered in gore drives the lesser beings than he into hysterics, rendered completely insane with the revelations of their fear.
At least this is what he hopes to become.
For now, his intimidating gaze and bolstered intimidation skills will be enough.

The beginning of his adventure starts in a cave along with his friends the warrior and the paladin. Hearing screams in a nearby chamber belonging to his friends' group, Kamina rushes ahead to meet the kobolds. After successfully intimidating the kobolds they continue to resist and aim their weapons at Kamina and co. His first battle on his first great adventure he thinks to himself as he readies the greatsword in his hands. With a terrifying laugh of excitement Kamina rushes to the stone bunker where the kobolds have hidden. The first kobold he meets fires at him and the bolt lodges into his arm. Puny arrow does 4 damages, feeling like nearly nothing out of his 37 total hp. That kobold will become his first conquest. With a rebel yell the greatsword is lifted above Kamina's head and sent barrelling down at the kobold. It is sure to hit, (rolled 19, crit value is 19-20) but not a critical hit. But who needs a critical hit. The sword cuts into the kobold and doesn't stop. From head to toe the kobold is cut. Behind him Kamina hears his friends "HOLY ******* ****, DID THAT JUST HAPPEN?!?!?!?!"
Yes it did.
The battle wraps up shortly, but Kamina didn't kill any more foes. Oh well.
They save their derpy friends in the next room. Stupid mimic. At least Kamina gets healed now.
The next room kamina tried reasoning with the golden kobolds finding out that they were a force of good. Paladin friend kinda messed things up by being a little too headstrong. Even kamina knows when it is acceptable to try and stop the unnecessary death of good men (or kobolds). They fought valiently and Kamina slew another kobold. He takes a tooth as a memento of his victory.
The next room was silent to kamina. But something was there. Strangely, he took the rear of the group to make sure of no surprise attacks.
Turns out the sur[rise was in the next room.
An owlbear reared its ugly head and caused the forerunners of the group to yell out "WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?"
Rushing in, Kamina sees the beast and asks "WHAT THE HELL IS THAT? IT'S LIKE AN OWL AND A BEAR MIXED TOGETHER! That's just not right." The owlbear was mildly wounded but Kamina would have none of this creature's shenanigans. Taking his sword and channeling his battle lust, Kamina charged forward. Drawing the blade behind his back he readied all his power into one stroke and swung at the beast. Severing the beast in one fell swoop, the owl was seperated from the bear by the might of his sword. (Rolled 19, rolled to confirm. Max damage is 4D6+8 + some more because it was a power attack.) Putting aside his sword with a look of childish satisfaction Kamina said aloud "There. Now that's better. No more owlbear nonsense."
And now because I don't feel like typing anymore, this part of the adventure ends.
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