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Mutants & Masterminds (game cancelled/on hiatus)
« on: January 07, 2013, 06:04:47 pm »
EDIT: Game deemed cancelled due to lack of players.

When: Friday evenings, starting around 6/6:30pm
System: Mutants & Masterminds, 2nd Edition.  Essentially, comic-book superheroes.
Specific campaign notes: we're playing high-school kids in a Japanese school specifically designed for super-powered people.  Make any concept that fits within that framework.
What you need: Besides the rule-book, paper, a pencil, and a d20 (die with 20 sides/numbers).  But we can loan you all that stuff -- come with imagination & a character concept you like!

Who: Gm is John H.
Eric: "Haze" / Mari Fujita (f) -- gossipy diva, powers focusing on bubbles & amazing singing voice, diplomancer
John: "Tiny Kaiju" / Taro Tsujimoro (m) -- aloof jock, has wings & size changing (big & small), beatstick meatshield
Plue: "Zero" / Fuma Kutaro (m) -- nerdy ninja, makes regular use of shadow-clone duplicates, divides & conquers

Posts from the old thread regarding this campaign start here.  I started a new thread to make a title that would hopefully attract new players (old thread-started isn't playing anymore).

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Re: Mutants & Masterminds ***PLAYERS NEEDED!!!***
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Reposted from old thread:  (I'll let other people copy their own stuff, so they retain the ability to edit it)

Background for Eric's character, Mari Fujita

Fujita family:

Mari, born October 14, 1996
Brother: Kaname, born June 8, 2007
Mom: Chise (Maiden name: Kochi), born March 3, 1971
Dad: Yuuto, born September 30, 1970


Nothing very notable about Yuuto's or Chise's histories (ordinary families/upbringings; no super-powers).  High-school lovers that eventually married, Yuuto trained to become a decent accountant, while Chise worked as an aide at a daycare.  Not terribly wealthy, they chose a more humble lifestyle to afford living in a more isolated, private area near some woods; long commutes followed.

From birth, Mari spent a lot of time at the daycare while her mom worked, and she quickly grew to love attention & music.  She also grew to hate her home & nature, as there was nothing & nobody interesting nearby.  Making her mom guilty, she was spoiled & too often got her own way, to her father's dismay.  During her school years, she would spend as much time away from home as possible.  When Kaname was born, Mari became extremely jealous of the attention that was shifted onto him.  She frequently neglected to inform her parents of her whereabouts (often at karaoke), and received groundings from her fed-up father.

Gaining powers:

Late one clear summer night (year 1995), Mari saw a streak of light descend into the nearby woods.  She snuck out to investigate, and after an unpleasant half-hour of wandering, discovered the crashed remains of what looked like a large bathtub.  There was a strange, hypnotic humming that seemed to pull Mari towards that craft.  Peering in, she saw a silvery, translucent, amorphous blob, emitting a pathetic sound that melted your heart.  As she reached towards it, it suddently lurched forward & latched onto her arm.  Her trance broken, Mari ran about screaming, arms flailing, trying desperately to fling off the icky goop that was stuck fast & spreading over her.  One faceplant into a low-hanging branch a moment later, and it was lights out for the young girl.

Mari woke up some time later to Kaname poking her.  Groggily standing up, she found no trace of the creature on herself.  Worried about the trouble she'd get for letting her brother wander out, Mari roughly dragged him home with several unkind words, snuck back in, and went to bed.

The next day, she woke up all dizzy & disoriented.  As her parents left for work (and Kaname to daycare), she convinced them that a day's rest was all she needed.  As she eventually figured out that the second set of emotions she felt were of the alien now residing within her, Mari trudged back to the crash site, but found the craft gone.  A day's efforts of mental exercise eventually resulted in a basic form of emphatic communication between the two, but all the alien would communicate is that it needed to bond with Mari to survive.  Other than that, no apparent goals or motivations.  Mari named her new associate "Slushy."  Over time, its presence grew more subdued, and Mari forgets its existence most of the time now.

Mari initially kept all this a secret.  But, after discovering & having fun with her new supernatural abilities, she could not resist eventually showing them off.  Once the ensuing shenanigans died down, Mari reluctantly explained her situation to her parents.  A representative of the metahuman high school, aware of Mari's abilities, suggested relocating her there.  All agreed it was best for her well-being & safety (Mari was happy leave home).

Personalities & Relationships:

Mari loves attention, and tries to act super-refined & cultured.  Somewhat overconfident, but not reckless, she would rather use diplomacy instead of resorting to combat.  Not fond of academics, but studies enough so as not to appear as an uncultured hick.  Not much for physical activities either, she loves singing & entertaining, and practises all the time with the hopes of one day becoming a high-class performer.  She views her powers as awesome assets that she wishes to flaunt (usually forgetting Slushy's existence).

Her mom, Chise, is overly protective & tries to make her children as happy as possible.  Mari often takes advantage of this to get her way.  Her father, Yuuto, is quite reserved, usually waiting until things escalate before stepping in to discipline.  Kaname is your typical energetic & curious 6-year-old boy, and Mari resents him on principle for being an icky younger brother (and is secretly jealous of the extra attention he gets).  Overall, Mari considers her family an obstacle/force to avoid & occasionally mooch off of, and doesn't realise how much she subconsciously loves them.


For the most part, Mari, somewhat tall & slim, is an ordinary girl, albeit with a great singing voice & powerful personality.  Slushy bonding with her enhances her awareness and stamina, and having a second sentience sharing her head greatly bolsters her mental resistances (especially to mind control).

Slushy's natural emphatic manipulating abilities combine with Mari's charisma to devastating effect.  Her heavenly voice can stop fights & inspire allies to feats far beyond their normal abilities.  The songs Mari sings can change emotions, leave subjects distracted in a daze, or, with extra effort, lull them to sleep (it can be a little indiscriminate, though).

Slushy's natural fluid form combining with Mari's body resulted in the unusual effect of being able to create surprisingly-tough, controllable bubbles.  These can be used for a variety of purposes:
- encasing things in large bubbles to trap/protect & carry around
- creating a deluge of small bubbles to distort & interfere with vision
- fly about on cushion of tiny bubbles (bring some friends!)
- assist with underwater movement & breathing (bring some friends ...but not as many!)
- ?????


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Re: Mutants & Masterminds ***PLAYERS NEEDED!!!***
« Reply #2 on: January 07, 2013, 08:43:50 pm »
Taro Tsujimoto
Born in NYC on March 1996 to a Japanese father and American mother, as a result he is an American citizen by birth and Japanese by blood.
His mother, April Morigan, is a massive sports fan, most notably the New Jersey Devils NHL team, of which she has had season tickets since 1988.
In Japan, she runs an American style sports bar “The Stadium, Sports Bar and Grill” for expats and homesick tourists. The walls and ceiling are adorned with sports memorabilia and championship banners from across all the major sports in North America and the Olympics. Her mutations are largely physical: A pair of insect-like wings.
His father is Taro Tsujimoto Sr. an international stock trader who travels between New York and Tokyo every six to eight weeks. His own parents, a very traditionalist family, scorned his marriage of an American wife, and even moreso, the birth of their grandson outside of Japan. As such, while they still care for him, they refuse to acknowledge their daughter-in-law, and only send brief birthday greetings to their grandson. Tsujimoto Sr has no powers, aside from heightened intellect.
When Taro’s powers began to manifest during puberty, it was noticeable almost right away: he grew 30 feet tall, and gained 10,000 pounds, crushing his room and half of the family house. For three days after this, he refused to sleep, fearing he might crush someone to death. When he finally passed out, three days later, he awoke in a mountain range of fabric: He had shrunk to the size of an eraser!
His mother, April, had wanted to send him to her old Alma Mater, Claremont Academy in upstate New York, but Tsujimoto wanted to keep his son in Japan. Speaking with Headmaster Claremont, he recommended April a suitable academy in Japan, where both parents’ desires would be sated.

  • American mom. Wings.
  • Japanese dad. Smart.

I may update this later when I come up with some more stuff.