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Current/New Campaigns / Re: Saturday 1300 Shadowrun
« Last post by ExQualibr on October 03, 2016, 09:44:29 pm »
Brief reminder: SR cancelled Saturday the 8th for Thanksgiving long weekend.
Other Collectable Card Games / Re: Pokemon or Yu-Gi-Oh TCG Players?
« Last post by Freeza on October 03, 2016, 06:19:47 pm »
Yo, We are starting Tuesday night card games. Do come.

I know some people in the club do play the game.
Other Collectable Card Games / Tuesday Night Card Games 5PM Onwards
« Last post by Freeza on October 03, 2016, 06:16:47 pm »
Everybody loves card games right!
Card game nights will be held every Tuesday from 5PM onwards in the club room 3206.

Bring any game you want from Magic: The Gathering, Netrunner to Weiss Schwarz and Yu-gi-oh.

If you have any requests to events to happen at this time like tournaments and drafts, we can definitely make arrangements.

See you then.
Other Collectable Card Games / Re: Weiss Schwarz shenanigans - Much Anime Card Game
« Last post by Freeza on October 03, 2016, 03:33:47 pm »
Made a change to the time, we will now be playing on Tuesdays, to by pass the Smash players taking up half the room.
Current/New Campaigns / Re: D&D 5th Massacre at the Morrows
« Last post by mebg on October 02, 2016, 03:20:33 am »
So I take it that it's too late to join this campaign then? Because 5e is the only system I'm familiar with, and this campaign seems to be the only 5e ongoing that I can find.

So far we do have a full group, but I will be posting here if a spot becomes available due to someone dropping!
Current/New Campaigns / Re: D&D 5th Massacre at the Morrows
« Last post by purple_towel on October 01, 2016, 04:16:34 pm »
So I take it that it's too late to join this campaign then? Because 5e is the only system I'm familiar with, and this campaign seems to be the only 5e ongoing that I can find.
Current/New Campaigns / Re: D&D 5th Massacre at the Morrows
« Last post by mebg on September 30, 2016, 01:06:04 am »
So the campaign begins!

Our heroes begin their Journey in a refugee convoy headed down the Marrow Road for the province of Bal'Doran; conscripted into a small quick relief force to defend the convoy if need be. After their sentry shift ended, the team retreated into a large rest wagon to get off their feet. Suddenly, puffs of blackened mist began to coalesce on the hillsides surrounding the road, and black hooded figures equipped with bows begin to rain arrows down on the convoy. With nowhere to go, the convoy's defenders are instantly overwhelmed. Before the party could exit  to help, an unknown wizard appeared just meters away from their wagon and blasted the wagon over, trapping the party inside. Before falling unconscious under the rubble, Kleek, the changeling bard, is able to catch a glimpse of a crescent moon pendant hanging from the unknown wizards neck. Hours later the adventurers come to as a large hammer slams down on the broken wagon, breaking the side panel. A man dressed in shining white and silver plate armour bearing the mark of the silver flame on his pauldrons drags the party out of the rubble and loads them onto a horse-drawn transport. As the party members peer out over the convoy, it becomes horribly evident that they are the only survivors of the massacre. Bodies lay scattered everywhere, and the small army that accompanied the man who rescued the party had already begin to pile the corpses for burning.

After an hour of travel, the party emerges at the gates of Bal'Doran - a large fortification stretching for miles called the Wall of the Mountains. The wall was constructed to keep roving bands of giants out the imperial province before the conquest of Bal'Doran. The party travels past the three layers of mighty walls before entering the Yull Bulwark - the town on the inner periphery of the walls responsible for administering the transfer of refugees and maintenance of the walls defenses. After a short talk with the towns leader, Warrant Lanae, regarding the massacre at the Marrow, the party is directed towards their rescuer, a human paladin named Gregor Kaldoran. Gregor tells the party that they must head for Bella Terra to inform the Council of Bal'Doran of the massacre and give witness statements. Gregor then directs the party to head south to the Alderspire to speak with his friend Ermion, who has a teleportation circle they could use to get to Bella Terra. Before the party is allowed to leave, however, Gregor marks the forearm of each party member with a holy symbol of the silver flame (In short, this works like a hunters mark so Gregor will know where they are). Gregor then informs the group that the council will convene in three days time, and they are welcome to stay at his estate in Bella Terra until the time comes. Once they make it through the portal, the party is instructed to seek out Lorek Stonefist who would set them up in Bella Terra.

Heading south, the party traverses the rolling hills and vineyards of the beautiful countryside. Finally reaching the Alderspire, the party is introduced to Ermion Alder, wizard, cartographer and celestial historian. Ermion shows the party a map of the province (my hand drawn map) and "persuades" them to listen to the abstract out of his newest novel, “The Quintessential Underpinnings of Celestial Analysis Through the History of Creation, and Resource Book” (The exact narrative will be included at the end of this summary). After Ermion is finished, however, he informs the party that one of his students accidentally transported the teleportation implement beneath the tower, instead of up into Ermion's study as was constructed. The party then venture down underneath the tower into the ancient training ground for apprentice wizards that has laid undisturbed for nearly a century. The door to the training ground required two individuals versed in magic to place their hands on an arcane switch and channel magic into the door. With Ermion at one side, the high elf wizard of the group, Alzoric underestimated the arcane nature of the door and was electrocuted and thrown backwards head over heels into the wall. Cracking his fingers, the bard Kleek -oddly enought- confidently assists Ermion in opening the doorway. The party navigate through a series of traps, and ambush a small group of goblins. After conquering the rest of the cave that was riddled with illusions, the group, with the portal in sight, is ambushed by an animated arcane construct. Zoya, the half-orc fighter is knocked unconscious just before Anora, the moon elf rogue, pierces the constructs core. The party take the damaged portal, but to their dismay, land in a pond on the outskirts of Bella Terra proper. Everyone emerges safely, but Anora and Zoya experience a strange occurrence. While travelling through the nether of the multiverse through the portal, both Anora and Zoya feel as if someone, or some thing, is trying to rip them out of the nether into an unknown realm.

Here is the history of creation as per the groups conversation with Ermion as aforementioned:

I shall read to you simply the abstract from my newest novel in the works, “The Quintessential Underpinnings of Celestial Analysis Through the History of Creation and Resource Book,” by Ermion Alder of course. In the beginning, there lived the great creator, Antiox flying endlessly throughout the cosmos. A dragon with such cognitive power that his very thoughts could create new life. Through the power of his mind and memory, he created his sons Kenaroth and Lothi and daughters Ashel and Yuvilla (pronounced You-Vee-Ya). Each of these dragon offspring of the great creator possessed Antiox’ power of cognitive creation. Ashel would forge the great Plane of Fire, home to the volcanic fountains of creation, the endless cinder wastes, the sea of fire and the city of brass. Yuvilla would manifest the Plane of Water, home to the vast Sea of Worlds, the Silt Flats, the Swamp of Oblivion and the City of Ten Thousand Pearls. Lothi would construct the Plane of air, encompassing the Sirocco Straits, Labyrinth Winds, Mistral Reach and the floating city of Aaqa. Finally, Kenaroth would go on to manifest the Plane of Earth, producing The Furnaces, the Mud Hills and the City of Jewels. But of all his children, it was Antiox, the great creator, to sow into being our material plane; and the parallel planes of Shadowfell and The Feywild. However, the power behind generating these cognitive philosophical manifestations became too much for the creator and his children to bear in mind alone. Bursting from the minds of these creators, these planes that were once but a thought, began to coalesce and materialize. Together, these planes, the Inner Planes, compose the raw matter and energy that makes up our multiverse today. After the materialization of the world, life, full of raw energy and power, began to rise up out of the ashes; but as the forms of life soon learned, raw energy and power that could be taken, harnessed… even corrupted. Titans, Solar’s, Dragons and many other entities began to wrestle for the power scattered throughout each plane. Two… factions, if you will, emerged to dominate all others. These were the domain of light and the domain of dark; albeit there were some powerful enough to protect their neutrality. The two factions finally met for a confrontation in our material plane, which at the time, in the first age, was one large landmass; a Pangea. So began the War of One Thousand Suns. The destruction and hundreds of year of tireless war that followed ripped our material realm apart; so much that breaches between planes formed. These ley portals began to leak water, fire, minerals and air into our material plane. The ensuing destruction from the war and the opening of these rifts formed continents, mountains and vast seas. After each battle, the victors would absorb the power of their fallen foes, growing ever stronger. After these many years of continual conflict, only the strongest were left standing on both sides. Observing this chaos, Antiox finally interjected in the conflict with his children, and instead of destroying the very planes that they had created, banished each faction from the Inner Planes. However, these veterans of the War of One Thousand Suns came to harness such immense power derived from Antiox’ creation that they began to forge realms of their own – the Outer Planes. In short, these being became the very deities that are worshipped in the present day. On the side of the light, the sacred realm of Mount Celestia and the realms of Bytopia, Elysium, The Beastlands, Arborea and the Nordic realm of Ysgard. On the side of the dark, the chaotic realms of Limbo, Pandemonium, The Abyss, Carceri, Hades, Gehenna, Acheron and The Nine Hells were forged. Finally, those powerful enough to remain neutral formed the planes of Mechanus and Arcadia. It was within these years of peace that the material plane entered its second age. Each deity, across all planes of existence, sending their creations with their ideologies to colonize our contemporary world. *Ermion slams the book shut and says very quickly and ‘matter-of-fact’* Which leads me to conclude that the world is shaped by celestial conflict, is magical, ancient and untamed; any questions? Didn’t think so, my introduction is far too comprehensive to foster ‘questions’. Congratulations you are all now experts at historical rhetoric as outlined in The Quintessential Underpinnings of Celestial Analysis Through the History of Creation and Resource Book. Here why don’t you take a copy.

Official events and announcements! / Re: Intro To D&D
« Last post by Czernobog on September 26, 2016, 11:32:32 am »
If you still need GMs, I should be able to do so. I'll be able to confirm whether I'm free or not closer to the date.

EDIT 09/29/16:

I can make it in the end.
Other Collectable Card Games / Pokemon or Yu-Gi-Oh TCG Players?
« Last post by jboy32 on September 25, 2016, 05:40:25 pm »
I'd be down to bring my decks to a games night some night! They still need to be built but if someone else is interested, I'll build them as soon as possible
Current/New Campaigns / SW: Edge of the Empire Beginner's Playthrough
« Last post by jboy32 on September 25, 2016, 05:16:02 pm »
Hi everyone,

I have a copy of the Star Wars: Edge of the Empire core rulebook and Beginner's Guide and I was wondering if anyone wanted to try it out. I'm brand new to RPGs, so I don't quite know what I'm doing, but if you want to play, let me know!
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