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RPG General Discussion / Re: A character I probably won't get to play
« Last post by Particle_Man on November 30, 2016, 10:49:45 pm »
Playing a paladin in Pathfinder now, which makes me wonder how I would play an assassin in a party with a paladin. 

Well the nice thing about pathfinder is that you don't detect as evil until you are level 5.  This gives me some breathing room so long as I have a high bluff skill and don't do anything obviously evil (nothing in front of the paladin, nothing that could get back to the paladin).  Fortunately assassins favour intelligence.

However, by the time I take the assassin class I would be character level 6.  The solution?  Get the "undetectable alignment" spell.  Two ways to do this in core: 1 level of bard or 3 levels of cleric.  I think the latter would give me an "aura of evil" at 1st level, too early for me to get the spell to hide it (if the spell can even hide auras - I am not sure of that), so bard it is.

What about the other 4 levels pre-assassin?  I kinda like the monk.  4 levels of that gets you good saves and your hands act as magic weapons, which is a nice touch.  And an assassin with no obvious weapons can just be a servant in the background.

Anyhow that fixes the alignment in stone: LE (another nice thing about pathfinder - bards can be any alignment).

For race I like the half-elf: it has two favoured classes, and I like the "doesn't fit in either world" idea as a background.  And the skill focus racial feat could be for perception which added to keen senses adds a wallop.  For traits let's go for 'resilient' (shores up a slightly weaker save) and 'poverty-striken' (I don't otherwise get survival as a class skill, so useful) - yes, this hardened killer had a poor deprived childhood.  Society is to blame, I tell ya. ;)

What about the assassin prereq?  Well one thing that bothered me is "must kill someone for no other reason than to join the assassin's guild" but then there is nothing saying I couldn't have done that before starting my adventuring career.  Especially if I start with monk (a secret monastery of monk-assassins seems movie-riffic somehow).  So, Monk for three levels, then a level of bard, then the 4th level of monk, and then assassin from levels 6-15.  After that, maybe Master Spy just to keep the Death Attack DC going up.

I sorta see this character joining the party by finding the most noble-looking or leader-type of the other pcs and trying to sign on as a servant/butler/jeeves type.  Be useful.  Serve loyally.  If I can't convincingly fake LG, I might at least pull off LN. 

To add to the usefulness maybe take the feat breadth of experience (half-elves have elven blood so can take feats that elves can take).  I think maybe the Court Bard archetype would be amusing (instead of buffing allies, I would slightly debuff enemies by saying "How *dare* you attack my master/mistress, you horrible, horrible people" in my best Baby Stewie voice.

Now eventually someone's going to realize I am casting undetectable alignment every day.  When that happens, I need to have a good story about it being a family tradition of privacy (in my best butler voice) and hope that works.

So those are my thoughts so far.  I haven't thought too hard about my other bard spell or any of the cantrips.  But if I choose Dancing Lights, Mage Hand, Mending, Prestidigitation as cantrips and Expeditious Retreat as my other level 1 spell, I don't require any focus or material components, which is nice.
Current/New Campaigns / Friday 1800 Mutants and Masterminds
« Last post by GitS on November 29, 2016, 12:37:29 pm »
do you want to be a 4 colour comic book hero?   this is the game for you.

The GM is a first time GM.  The players have lived through the horrors of John Smith, so they are well seasoned.
Current/New Campaigns / MOVED: Friday night Legend of 5 Rings
« Last post by GitS on November 29, 2016, 12:35:40 pm »
Current/New Campaigns / Re: Lost Mine of Phandelver - Noob friendly (encouraged?) game!
« Last post by dmehl on November 28, 2016, 07:20:51 pm »
I'm definitely interested!
Current/New Campaigns / Lost Mine of Phandelver - Noob friendly (encouraged?) game!
« Last post by The0u7sider on November 28, 2016, 07:04:24 pm »
I've been sitting on the d&d 5e books, starter adventure, and more dice than I can handle for almost 2 years and still haven't managed to set up a game.

If anyone is interested in a weekly/every other week, late night game learners game let me know. No experience required as I have never DM'd before, so we can learn together!
Current/New Campaigns / Re: 7th Sea. Do you like swashbuckling adventures?!
« Last post by GitS on November 19, 2016, 02:35:58 pm »
quick clarifications.

the crone: she isnt the one who is going to judge you.   She is chronocaling your journey to to show someone else.   

And you fought the Morrigan not mordred. 
Current/New Campaigns / Re: 7th Sea. Do you like swashbuckling adventures?!
« Last post by Ben Lowin on November 17, 2016, 06:57:29 pm »
The Knight and the master baker took charge of the ship while the rest of the team brought the captian out of his cabin.
The smarian aid, the knights squire, the ussuran and the "Doktor" found the captain trying to escape.
The captain was injured in the insuring strugle, and the smarian calmed him and the squire, so that the down stairs team could set the captains broken bones.
After the setting was complete there was a horid grinding sound as the ship  ran aground on a sand bar.

The group found themselves on a sand bar and descended to inspect the hull for damage.

While looking at the hull a rouge wave lifted the ship clear of the sand bar, and while the master baker tried to get back on board the waves seemed to swat him from the hull of the ship.

The team then proceded to the shore, slightly wet, they headed up to the lighthouse that they had seen eairler and there they meet the forth queen of the fey.

She informed them "I shall jugde your actions and see if the world is worthy or not?"
They then had stew and the knight asked to spar with her champion, Mordrid. The kinght lost well, and recived a copper coin.
They were then launched into the sea by morgan, only to arive somewhere in montaign.

They walked into the in and slept the night and then headed under the in into a deoungeon.
How will the party fair?
In the dark depth,
Will they dispair?

Follow looks like a game designed for "pick up and play" quests.  I am pledged at the pdf level.  It is by Ben Robbins, who did Microscope and Kingdom (both very nice games to read, although I haven't had a chance to try them out yet).

Mind you, the kickstarter is ending soon!  I only found out a little while ago.
Current/New Campaigns / Re: 7th Sea. Do you like swashbuckling adventures?!
« Last post by GitS on November 02, 2016, 05:14:41 pm »
So we begin.

We have an Ussuran Mercenary who has some things on the side,  an Eisen "Doktor" who dabbles in potions, an Avalonian Knight of the Rose and Cross who happens to be a Knight of Elaine; i wonder how one serves two masters, a Montaigne footpad, a Samarian aide to a minor Diplomat who speaks to himself, and lastly a Vendel Master Baker.  BAKER!.

Each of them were travelling from Carlaeon, Avalon to the a port on Normandy Coast of Montaigne.  Along the way, a thick fog shrouded the ship. 

An old salt lick of a sailor by the name of Silver, started crying out in the night,  "NO! YOU'LL NEVER TAKE ME!' 10 YEARS! I LOST 10 YEARS!"

The helmsman cried out to the captain, " CAPTAIN THE COMPASS! SIR! SHE SPINS!" 

to be continued.
Current/New Campaigns / Re: thursday 7th sea
« Last post by ExQualibr on November 01, 2016, 08:23:51 pm »
Apologies, I'm going to have to cancel game this Thursday, Nov 3rd.  Friday deadline to meet for work.
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