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Official events and announcements! / Club Elections 2017
« Last post by Aster on February 24, 2017, 02:24:51 pm »
Club Elections: Votes are in

Next years club Executives will be

President: Fareez S.

VP: Moayad A.

Treasurer: Bradley B.

Secretary: Diego I.

Games Librarian: Christine C.
Saw the FB posting and wanted to join. I can join by tonight if necessary, just need a place and I'll see if I can make it there.

Edit: Well, there's always next Thursday as well. But I already have the character ready for play.
Hey guys! This is down a player so if anyone is interested in filling the slot, let me know.

We play on Thursday's 9pm - 1am
Starting level 5.
The party has no caster, so if you are interested in playing a wizard or sorcerer even better!

No experience necessary!
RPG General Discussion / 7th Sea 2nd edition releases basic rules for free.
« Last post by Particle_Man on February 10, 2017, 09:09:46 pm »
In case you wanted to see what the fuss was about without spending any shiny dollars.
Current/New Campaigns / Re: thursday 7th sea
« Last post by Floogal on February 10, 2017, 11:00:55 am »
I'm busy next Thursday, won't be able to attend.  Guess the Eisen chef will be staying in the kitchen.
Current/New Campaigns / Re: 7th Sea. Do you like swashbuckling adventures?!
« Last post by GitS on February 09, 2017, 03:53:02 pm »
my apologies, but Tuesday, feb 14, 2016 I have something I need to attend to.  no game.

Thea the sea water dispensing knight will be forced to not purify any more rivers or streams for a week
Current/New Campaigns / Re: thursday 7th sea
« Last post by GitS on February 09, 2017, 03:51:51 pm »
game on today people game on..
Current/New Campaigns / Re: thursday 7th sea
« Last post by Ben Lowin on February 03, 2017, 01:35:38 am »
we discovered riches beyond our wildest dreams on in the hold of the captured french vessel.
these were brought back to vesten, where our captain (john) and his family hatched a plan to trade with the new world.
this lead to us heading off, after a retro fit, but first, the prize ship needed a new captain.
The bosun was selected, and he accepted.
Now we sail to avalon and then to the new world and all of the goods she holds.
Current/New Campaigns / Re: 7th Sea. Do you like swashbuckling adventures?!
« Last post by GitS on February 01, 2017, 06:35:03 pm »
this session has been one of.. major shifts in story for people.

One we added a new player.  Welcome.  two. well we'll see how that story unfolds.

we start with a lobster duel.   The duel rules are 1) lobsters must be alive at the end of the duel. 2) to first blood.

Our Knight of Elaine tries to foul, by squeezing her lobster too hard.  Fortunately, a barely perceived portal opens, replacing that lobster with one that has seen what is beyond the doorway.

Lets just say.  the only winner of that duel was the frenzied lobster who got put down.

They have reached their destination.  The capital city of Montaigne. 

They spread out and search for clues.  *hint nothing major happens too much*

For the knight.  realizing that there is something wrong with her Tyro.  Panic set in.  The Elders of the Rose and Cross have determined that the Tyro is now worthy of being put to the Test.   The docileness that has afflicted the Tyro these past few *months* has taken its toll upon him.  He will not pass, and if he doesn't pass.  Her knight must kill the Tyro. 

kneeling before the fountain.  She casts a golden coin into the fountain.   "OH GREAT QUEEN OF THE SEA. I BEESEECH YOU SEND FORTH YOUR CHAMPION I WISH TO BARGAIN!"   (at this point me being the "nice" gm I go "buddy.. you sure. you want the queen of the sea...)  "OH GREAT QUEEN OF THE SEA!...."

Ok fine.  so long story short.  a compact has been struck between an outworldly 10 yr old child who seems human yet not human.  The removal of the malady that is afflicting the Tyro.   The termination of the source if it is in open waters.   and the Knight becomes one of her Knights.    The Knight agrees. 

We shall see what will happen.
Current/New Campaigns / Re: thursday 7th sea
« Last post by GitS on February 01, 2017, 06:22:51 pm »
you've had your rest.  The game is on for Thursday.  LET THE WORLD BE SHAKEN AND BROKEN IN TWAIN!
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