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Title: D&D 5e Ancient Egypt style Tuesday 11:00 - 2:30
Post by: Particle_Man on June 22, 2019, 09:21:25 am
Hi all,

I put this in Facebook too but if anyone is interested and available I run this game.  Egyptian pantheon only, good alignment characters only, standard array for stats, average hp after level 1, no multiclassing or feats, no yuan-ti warforged or aaracockra; Wotc hardcover stuff otherwise ok (not unearthed arcana).  I allow retroactive inspiration, hero points and near miss rules from the dmg. Short and long rests are divorced from time and tied to number of encounters.  People that miss sessions gain the same cup as those that can make it.  Oh and races are refluffed. Everyone is Egyptian and a dwarf and elf can give birth to a hobgoblin. People are given different tests or gifts by the gods to explain the mechanical racial differences. There is no other language than common so extra languages are replaced with tool proficiencies of your choice.

This is a casual game, not a tournament, so donít worry if you cannot make every week.  Sometimes I wonít be able to either. ;)