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Title: GURPS interest?
Post by: Jimmy_Sax on August 30, 2016, 04:00:12 pm
Insipred by the Film Reroll podcast (check it out!), I'm curious to give the generic universal role playing system a try.
Is anyone here interested in a roleplaying game system that can be adapted to any imaginable genre/setting? I haven't had the opportunity to play yet, but I feel like I've read enough to walk a beginner through the basics and learn the rest as we go.
Title: Re: GURPS interest?
Post by: Particle_Man on September 02, 2016, 11:45:21 am
When you do this, you might want to decide on what setting/theme you use and which rules you will go with.  GURPS being universal means that a lot of choices are made by the GM rather than the game designers, as to what will be allowed (and not allowed) for a particular setting and theme.  You can go as rules-light as GURPS Lite and then add what you want, or get a setting book and tailor things to that setting.  You can also decide how lethal you want things, etc.

There is also a kickstarter for a dungeon fantasy setting of GURPS but that may not come out soon enough for what you want.

That said, best wishes!  I hope you have fun with this!