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RPG General Discussion / Re: A character I probably won't get to play
« Last post by Particle_Man on May 16, 2021, 05:38:09 pm »
Back to 7th Sea (1st edition) for yet another character I won't get to play.  Juan (who is every inch a sailor!).

Castille, so I can get: Castille Education (10 points), Commission (sailor, perhaps in the Castille Navy) (2 points), Foul Weather Jack (5 points and let's start with Debt 4), University (2 points) for advantages.  So I get to speak and r/w Thean for free.  I should r/w Castille too (1 point).  Might as well get Able Drinker (1 point).

For traits, pump up Finesse to max and average Wits (4 and w respectively) for 24 points.  A shame about the other traits at 1 but I need the points elsewhere.

For skills:  Well martial skills will include Commander (or Captain if I go outside of core), Athlete, Knife and Pugilism (8 points!).  Civil skills are cheaper and I would get Hunter (choosing fishing, stealth and survival as knacks), Sailor, and Scholar (3 points).

Then I would beef up some basic knacks (and some civil advanced knacks, since my education makes them cheap!).

So Footwork to 3 (1 point), Climbing to 3 (1 point), Fishing to 3 (2 points), Ambush to 3 (3 points), Balance, Knotwork, Rigging, Cartography, Leaping, Navigation, Pilot, Sea Lore, Swimming, Weather, Astronomy, Throwing, Attack (knife), Parry (knife), all to 3 (44 points).

So as usual for my 7th Sea characters, there is a trait problem.  The dangers of chargen hero points not playing well with xp.
RPG General Discussion / Re: A character I probably won't get to play
« Last post by Particle_Man on March 31, 2021, 08:28:32 pm »
That said, I still have ideas!  :)

The lawful evil butler, complete with unjustified racial arrogance!  Racial paragon classes give int boosts which is nice for spells and for keeping the assassin death attack dc up.

So, monk 4/half elf paragon 1/assassin 10/half elf paragon 2/human paragon 3.

Not a 3.5 powerhouse but could be interesting in the right campaign.

No weapons required!
RPG General Discussion / Re: A character I probably won't get to play
« Last post by Particle_Man on March 21, 2021, 08:43:36 pm »
Good news! Looks like I might be able to try out the Sapphire Hierarch after all!  I am level 2 now but the DM is ambitious and wants to take us to level 20.  I got to modify the cleric a bit (as per players handbook 2 I can drop spells for law domain spells instead of cure spells; also I took cloistered cleric as a mod).  So I just need to survive long enough!  Fingers crossed!
Current/New Campaigns / Re: D&D 5e Ancient Greek style Tuesday 11:00 - 2:30
« Last post by Particle_Man on January 08, 2020, 08:51:04 am »
It is now an Ancient Greek Demigods campaign.
RPG General Discussion / Re: A character I probably won't get to play
« Last post by Particle_Man on October 10, 2019, 10:56:50 pm »
Well I never got to play her but I had an idea for a Cavalier that had a camel mount and came from the desert.  Being a Pathfinder human, she could (using favoured class and having a generous INT score) get all of the Cavalier skills (including the Order of the Dragon skills) except Climb and Swim (which frankly wouldn't see much use in the desert) which made her a nice combination of Face character, Mounted Combatant, Buffer and Survivalist.  Maybe she will see a game someday.
RPG General Discussion / Re: A character I probably won't get to play
« Last post by Particle_Man on August 11, 2019, 09:42:40 am »
On the other hand, being able to ignore blasphemy is good too. So maybe soulborn 2/paladin of freedom 3/ranger 2/divine crusader 5/ranger 1/horizon walker 7 to get that and dimension door every 1d4 rounds, leaving my spell in place to give me dimensional jaunt all day long.  I could also improve spot and listen, get darkvision, be immune to fatigue and resist exhaustion.  I could also get a bonus for hide but in heavy armour that is   not so important (but it is part of the forest mastery, there is nothing better to take, and elves like forests).  Since caster level is less important here, this frees up the ninth level feat slot.  Got it! Put power attack in the level three spot (in case of DR) and move martial study and martial stance to levels 6 and 9.

Hmmm, if I start with a level of Ranger (with the elf subsitution level) I have a *lot* more skill points to play with (32 if INT 10!).  This would allow for getting 4 ranks in spot, listen, search, survival, and knowledge (geography), 2 ranks in knowledge (religion), a rank in sense motive, ride, handle animal, knowledge (planes, dungeoneering, nature).  Nice broad education.  I would eventually max out spot/listen and bring search/survival to 5 ranks, knowledge (geography) up to 8 ranks and sense motive up to 16 ranks (since I am immune to charms/compulsions, it makes thematic sense to try to detect it in others).  It is nice that sense motive is a permanent class skill at level 3+.  The ranger substitution level modifies the favoured enemy (undead) slightly, giving a  +3 bonus to damage and +3 to affecting the spot/listen/hide/move silently/survival checks instead of the usual skills.  d6 hd for that level (only) so 4 less hp than if I start with soulborn, but worth it I think.  I also start in worse armour proficiency, but the best heavy armour isn't affordable at level 1 in any case.  I won't take the elf paladin substitution level because it seems to hurt the smite and I don't need survival to go above 5 ranks, and the default aura of the paladin of freedom seems better.  But elf soulborn substitution levels for 1 and 2 are totally worth it.  Being immune to charms, compulsions and paralysis is sweet!

So this assumes a 32 point buy for str 18, dex 8, con 14, int 12, wis 8, chr 14 before racial adjustments, then str 20, dex 10, con 12, int 10, wis 8, chr 14 after racial adjustments.  Improve str at levels 4+ unless there is a good reason not to.

Interesting that once I hit divine crusader, my aura stacks with previous classes.  But paladin of freedom doesn't radiate chaos, so my aura would hit strong in "good" first, then "chaos" a few levels later.  I don't think I ever hit overwhelming.
RPG General Discussion / Re: A character I probably won't get to play
« Last post by Particle_Man on August 04, 2019, 08:04:10 pm »
Got a different take on the soulborn 2/paladin of freedom 3.  Still taking the elf substitution levels for soulborn but this time I would use a wood elf.  More strength and I get ranger as my favoured class for multi-classing.  I would buy some tanks in knowledge arcana and geography with soulborn and ranger respectively.  After adding two levels of ranger I would go for divine crusader.  Turns out there is an elvish moon goddess that has the travel domain and divine crusader can cast spells from that.  After 8 levels of that, to fit the travel theme I could go for the three level wayfarers guide prestige class to get better at teleports (useful with large parties).   Then likely finish with two more levels of ranger for bab, skill points and saves.  So this guy would be less martial than the other but fun in his own way.  Practised spellcaster would be a good idea.  I would have to take weapon focus quarterstaff but what the heck, it adds flavour.  And animated shields are fun.  Reserve feats are interesting. Dimensional Jaunt seems like a no-brainer.  That said, seeing the benefit of Holy Warrior makes me wonder if I should take the War domain.  Hmmm.  But I am liking this character as a guide so travel domaine and the goddess Sehanine Moonbow it is.

With the moon goddess favoured enemy undead and weapon style two weapon fighting is a no brainer.  So feats could be weapon focus quarterstaff, martial study counter charge, martial stance step of the wind, either practiced spellcaster, melee weapon mastery bludgeoning, dimensional jaunt and crushing strike. Weapon specialization is free, as is two weapon fighting (in light armour), track and endurance.  I would usually go with armour.  But two weapon fighting is nice if I am caught without it.  For skills, aside from two ranks in knowledge religion, and ten each in arcana and geography I would focus on spot, listen, search and sense motive.
RPG General Discussion / Re: A character I probably won't get to play
« Last post by Particle_Man on July 25, 2019, 02:14:10 pm »
Hey, I actually got to play the Skeleton Berserker!  Woot!  Mind you the DM did not pull any punches.  I had to outrun a boulder trap and then encountered three strong dudes with bludgeoning weapons.  Both of those would have done double damage to my boney self.  Luckily the party face was there to smooth things over because skeletons can't talk!
Current/New Campaigns / D&D 5e Ancient Egypt style Tuesday 11:00 - 2:30
« Last post by Particle_Man on June 22, 2019, 09:21:25 am »
Hi all,

I put this in Facebook too but if anyone is interested and available I run this game.  Egyptian pantheon only, good alignment characters only, standard array for stats, average hp after level 1, no multiclassing or feats, no yuan-ti warforged or aaracockra; Wotc hardcover stuff otherwise ok (not unearthed arcana).  I allow retroactive inspiration, hero points and near miss rules from the dmg. Short and long rests are divorced from time and tied to number of encounters.  People that miss sessions gain the same cup as those that can make it.  Oh and races are refluffed. Everyone is Egyptian and a dwarf and elf can give birth to a hobgoblin. People are given different tests or gifts by the gods to explain the mechanical racial differences. There is no other language than common so extra languages are replaced with tool proficiencies of your choice.

This is a casual game, not a tournament, so don’t worry if you cannot make every week.  Sometimes I won’t be able to either. ;)
RPG General Discussion / Re: A character I probably won't get to play
« Last post by Particle_Man on May 22, 2019, 10:25:17 pm »
The soulborn does not resonate with most people as it gets its incarnum powers too late.  But the elf substitution levels for soulborn are another story.  The first two levels give one an option for ranged smite, and also immunity to paralysis and charms.  Combine this with three levels of the paladin of freedom (CG) and you also get immunity to disease and compulsions.  Not too shabby!  I would round it out with two levels of warblade, three levels of crusader and then 10 levels of eternal blade, myself.  There would be a few levels where you have a -20% xp penalty but only twice (or not at all if you take the paladin levels and the third crusader level last, but then the maneuvers/stances won't be as good, so I would go for the former option).

So soulborn (elf) 2/paladin of freedom 3/warblade 3/crusader 2/eternal blade 10

The eternal blade could get Diamond Defense (19), Avalanche of Blades (17), War Leader's Charge (15), Iron Heart Focus (13), and Lightning Recovery (11), plus a "floating Diamond Mind or Devoted Spirit Maneuver".  Also the Hearing the Air Stance.

All of that would require: Weapon Focus, 2 Diamond Mind Maneuvers, 2 Iron Heart Maneuvers, 2 White Raven Maneuvers.  Quite doable between the Warblade and Crusader.

The Crusader's 2nd stance would be Thicket of Blades (so at least one devoted spirit maneuver also needed).  I would also use feats to buy more maneuvers, like Crushing Vise, Shadow Blink, and possibly Distracting Ember (so as to get the Flame's Blessing stance - being resistant and eventually immune to fire is nice!).

Feats could be stand still, mage slayer, martial study , weapon focus, martial stance, martial study, martial study.  Buy everything up to 14 before racial adjustments except dex if 32 point buy.

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