Author Topic: Has anyone actually done "knight slays evil dragon, rescues princess from it"?  (Read 2052 times)


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I mean in pen and paper rpgs, so super mario doesn't count.   :D

And often I hear about it with a twist, like the princess is actually evil and mind-controlling the poor dragon, etc., but has anyone played it straight?  Good knight in shining armour rescues good princess from evil dragon?

Because I realize that I have never done this.
Game MASter that is comPLETEly unfair!


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I guess the problem is that the story is so straightforward.  There's nothing really to expand on without tarnishing the cliche, and so you just end up focusing on the mechanical aspect of braving the castle/traps & beating the dragon.  At that point, you might as well play a cooperative video game or board game.  I guess it could work as a one-shot adventure.

Also, of course Super Mario doesn't count, as it is (or started as) a parody instead of being a genuine take on the story:
- The noble, armoured knight, armed with his magical sword & ancestral shield, riding his wartrained horse, defeated the evil fire-breathing dragon & his army, to save the fair princess of the people.
** compared to **
- The Italian, overall-clad plumber, armed with some random flammable plant & heavy boots, riding his gluttonous dinosaur, defeated the evil fire-breathing turtle & his army, to save the fair princess of the mushroom people.


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It isn't much of an interesting campaign. It might be enjoyable, but it isn't intellectually stimulating. The group I game with looks at RPGs as a game of choice and consequences. You can choose anything you like, but there are consequences. In this style of game, there is no choice. You are the Hero, and your path is laid out before you. There will be no negative consequences for following the good path, because that is how you save the princess.